Why do I need a landscape architect? 

The added value of a landscape architect as part of the design team is far more than meets the eye, and his input is critical to the success of the project. We view landscape architecture as "the designing of the outdoors". Just as you would never dream of proceeding with the indoor plans without the magic touch of an interior designer, such it is important to incorporate the input of a landscape architect in planning the correct flow of the outdoors.

The involvement of the landscape architect is pertinent to the project from a number of practical aspects:

  1. Creating the correct relationship between all openings and portals which connect the indoors to the outdoors.
  2. Dividing the yard into zones: family activities, guest entertainment, sport, etc.
  3. Providing infrastructure which in the long run will prevent deterioration and damages from tree roots.
  4. Creative solutions for irrigation and drainage, as part of the design.
  5. Maintaining the proper relationship with neighbouring yards and the wider area, where possible.

Why should I choose Mohr-Avidan?

We have considerable experience working independently or with leading architects. We regard each project as a "clean slate" and a new source of inspiration. Our connection with the client and the relationship which ensues helps to turn dreams and desires into a living reality. We also accompany each client not only throughout the entire project but also long after completion.

Do you also design for existing homes?

Of course. When we design for existing homes we combine our knowledge and experience with the client's requirements to totally upgrade the house's surroundings. Our solutions and personal tailoring approach help to turn any garden into a dream come true.

I have a rooftop apartment. What can you do for me?

Our involvement and contribution is manifested through the extent of the client's dreams. Tell us who you are and what you expect from your rooftop garden, and we will help you make it happen. 

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