When we undertake a new project, we open up a dialogue with the client, the architect and especially with the location itself, in order to combine them into one harmonious creation.

At the beginning of the project we set up a planning team which is responsible and formulating. This plan dictates the garden's character and atmosphere.

According to the initial plan we prepare detailed plans for architectural work outside, while giving ample attention to the built elements. We strive to choose the best possible materials, design each built detail and carry out the planting scheme, while closely supervising the project and the specialists in implementing the plans with the highest level of workmanship.

Choosing plants is done during the planning phase, enabling them to become functional elements and not only a decorative afterthought.

After planning and implementation, we accompany the project for about a year and make sure our clients are satisfied, the plants are growing and developing as intended and the entire garden is receiving the care and maintenance it deserves.

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